Recent Study Proves That Friends Share Similarities in their DNA

Recent Study Proves That Friends Share Similarities in their DNA

A new study seems to have proven that you share with your friends more than you may have thought: your DNA genetics are similar.

You may be more similar to your friends than you actually think. A new study suggests that DNA genetics seem to be more similar between friends than between total strangers. This goes over the walls of a shared ethnicity, as James Fowler from University of California says.

But how much DNA do friends share in common? It’s about 1%, about the same amount that fourth cousins with the same great-great-great-grandparents. Not much, but in terms of genetics it is a pretty significant number. It may also mean that scientists could predict how much of a probability you would have of becoming friends with a person.

Nicholas Christakis, a social Scientist involved in the study, stated: “Humans are unique in that we create long-term connections with people of our species. Why do we do that? Why do we make friends? Not only that, we prefer the company of people we resemble“. Opposites do not always attract each other then. We search the affection of people that are similar to us; this discovery opens interesting new theories on DNA meaning in the evolution of the human species.

Interesting fact: researchers found out that people with similar genes that affect the sense of smell are more likely to be friends.

Look at your friends, and ask yourself if you see a piece of you within them. Do DNA genetics matter? I find amazing discovery deepens my connection with them, as we were destined to meet each other by how we were created.