Reduce Anxiety: possible with Gregorian Chant music

Reduce Anxiety: possible with Gregorian Chant music

Thinking about different ways to reduce anxiety, you won’t ever think this can be possible with Gregorian Chant music. Ancient Gregorian Chant has the power to induce trance and relax.

There are so many types of music in the world we are living. You got rock, pop, classical, instrumental, and the like. But, most of them do not really benefit us. You could say listening to these kinds of music is a way to pass time. Some of you even hum tunes during your free time. Apart from that, you do not learn or develop anything.

Music is a very powerful medium of expressing thoughts. People share their feelings and emotions through music. Many civilizations have given prominence to music and it still carries a lot of importance today. In this article, we will be reading about Gregorian chants which are extremely powerful and are known to reduce anxieties.

Origination of Gregorian Chant music

Is it really possible? Can music really decrease your anger and emotions? Well, it is true. Read on to find out. According to history, the Gregorian chant was in existence before Christianity. Some of you might find that hard to believe. Catholic people considered that the chant was known to be given to man by God.

That is why those people who listened to this music got healed from their illness. The Gregorian chant music is played when people feel lonely, sad, and depressed. It is known to have healing powers and many people have been cured from various sickness. According to Dr. Alan Watkins, who had done research on this chant, he found that it had significant impact on his patients who were found to have high blood pressure.

One of the most popular Gregorian chants would be the ones that have been sung by the Benedictine monks who are part of Santo Domingo De Silos that is present in Spain. You would be surprised to know that these chants contain no music and are sung by monks together line by line.

The monks sing from what comes out of their heart and it is extremely soothing to hear. The chants are very effective and as you listen to them, it is similar to watching the waves in the sea. You would want to ensure that you listen to these chants in a quiet atmosphere to experience the effects of it.

Critics say Gregorian chant does not help

In spite of that fact, many critics have said that listening to the Gregorian chant does not help you in anyway. It has to be proved scientifically, with is their argument. That might be true to a certain extend. It depends on the individual. When you feel that you will be healed of your sicknesses, you will be definitely cured.

Just like few drugs that work on some people and do not have effect on some people, the chants might cure some of you, but might not help some of you.

It is clear, that listening to Gregorian chant music can heal you from your sickness. It can bring about a change in your approach to life and view the positives in people. When you feel depressed and unhappy with your life, you will want to take some to listen to these chants to improve your attitude towards life.

Happy listening!