My Relaxing Music Playlist: Meditation Relaxation and Jazz

My Relaxing Music Playlist: Meditation Relaxation and Jazz

I work with music everyday… Well, listen to the music is actually my job, in particular new age relaxing music for meditation, yoga music, sometimes also sleeping music and peaceful songs with nature sounds, which many times it’s really difficult, because you know, well… it’s sleeping music… so try to imagine the situation in my office… it requires a lot of coffee.

But the point is that I have a favourite relaxing music playlist hidden in the thousands of tracks and songs of my archives. I decided to choose 3 tracks and I write to you the titles, connected to the link of the album.

I’m also posting a video with this three different musics so you can follow the path I’m taking and choose which one you prefer.

The first one is a soft music for relaxation played with an Armenian instrument, a kind of flute called Duduk that produces a really peaceful sound and the song is called “Duduk Meditation“… In this case, doduk plays together with a piano, set in a sad mood. While I’m writing this, I put on this song so I can better describe how I feel when I listen to it… Well, it’s like I close my eyes and let my mind wonder, guided by this ancient sound that comes from far.

The piano is an incredible instrument… you can play it in the classical way, solemn and impressive, or you can use it for funny melodies in the ads, love songs, also sad music if you want… but the second track I’d like to put in my relaxing music playlist is a pianobar smooth jazz music track: “Ibiza Piano Bar“… This is the kind of situation where music become a human being, sexy and self confident, a handsome man or a beautiful woman that walk along the streets of New York on a Autumn day… the perfect soundtrack for a romantic comedy, it can be so relaxing and it lets you with a dreamy smile.

To end, I’d like to leave you with pure relaxation meditation music “The Healing Touch“. (And I hope you can read this part until the end without falling asleep). The power of new age music is to go inside your mind and to cross all your body, until you’ll feel completely regenerated and refresh, relaxed and sometimes…. asleep.



  1. Behzad kalay

    hi,to whom it may concern,I enjoyed your music(relaxing meditation). I believe in to days world,that people are always in rush,and stress is apart of this century’s life a music like this could be very helpful,besides joyful.
    how ever I see it as a duty to express my appreciation,specially when its being offered free,cause not every one with the global economy crises can afford expenses that is thought not to be as nessecery as other human needs!!!
    I hereby announce my true appreciation towards your good deed.
    best regards

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