Relieve Stress the Easy Way: The Best Stress Relief Music

Relieve Stress the Easy Way: The Best Stress Relief Music

Music can heal you, and music can soothe a hurt soul. If you are looking for a way to relieve stress and find comfort from the tolls that life inflicts on your mind, here is a list of the best stress relief music.

Music is one of the best ways to relieve stress. The soothing sounds of music can be comfort for many a sorrowful days, and bring back the light to those that think they have lost it. Here is a list of 5 kinds of music that may be of help to you when you need to find balance in your mind and spirit.

Brian Eno

The master of experimental ambient music, and a precursor in the world of new age music. His first songs remain a masterpiece, and are very relaxing. Try listening to “Music for Airports”, one of his earliest albums, when you are in need of tranquility and comfort.

Soothing Sounds of Nature

What better way to relieve stress than to listen to the soothing sounds of nature? Here is a 3 hour long video you can play in background while in need of getting back in touch with a more true and instinctive side of your being


If Brian Eno is the king of New Age, Enya is most certainly the queen. With her touching sounds and words, she can bring peace to your soul.

Healthy Sleep Stress Relief Music

If you are stressed, you are probably not getting enough sleep. If that is the case, try using this music from our main channel to fall asleep more easily.

Weekend Relaxation

A playlist we created to unwind during the weekend. Use it when you have planned out a day just for yourself, and enjoy the chill music we chose!

I hope you can find relief from your stress thanks to the power of this music. May it be of comfort during the times when you need it the most.