Saint Patrick's Day – 10 Fun and Interesting Facts You Probably Did Not Know About St Paddy

Saint Patrick's Day – 10 Fun and Interesting Facts You Probably Did Not Know About St Paddy

St Paddy’s here! Celebrate with these drinking songs and Irish traditional music and have a laugh with these 10 facts you probably did not know about St Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Meditation Relax Club! As a present, have these fun facts about St Patrick that you probably did not know about. While reading them, you can enjoy this irish traditional music. You can use the music in the video as drinking songs or as background pub music for when you go out and celebrate.

Fun Facts about Saint Patrick and Ireland:

1) Green was not the color originally associated with St Patrick. It was blue. Could you imagine a St Patrick’s Day where everyone is wearing blue instead of green? How strange would that be?

2) There are more Irish living in America than there are Irish living in Ireland itself. 34 million Americans are estimated to have an Irish ancestry, while only 4.2 million people are living in Ireland today!

3) St Patrick was not actually Irish. He was born from a Roman family.

4) Saint Patrick was not even born in Ireland. He was actually born in either Wales or Scotland in 385 AD.

5) You could not drink on Saint Patrick’s Day for a long time. It was a religious day and the whole country could not drink. Pubs were shut down, and no beer flowed through the taps!

6) March 17th is not the day St Paddy was born. It was actually the day he died. No one knows with certainty his birthdate.

7) The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 0.01% on your first try. If you have a good eyesight, however, you are almost sure to find one within 15 minutes.

8) Saint Paddy was kidnapped as a boy. He was a slave for 6 years before he returned back to his home.

9) Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain the holy trinity. The three leaves stood for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

10) Chicago River turns green on St Patrick Day. The river turns green for a whole day thanks to a dye. The tradition began in 1962

Did you have fun? We hope you enjoyed the facts and the Irish traditional music. Have a fun St Patrick Day!