School Anxiety: When Students Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

School Anxiety: When Students Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

School has started for a month for million of students across the world. Some of them are having trouble sleeping at night due to the sudden change in pace.

Changing your daily routine can be hard. Integrating new responsibilities can be a difficult task, especially to a teenager that has a lot to deal with already. Switching from vacation mode to a student life can cause school anxiety syndrome and gives them trouble sleeping at night.

It happens to children as much as it happens to adults; you get up in the middle of the night with a lump at the throat and you just can’t get back to sleep. According to statistics, school anxiety hits about a student out of five, making them fight more with their parents and causing sleep problems and eating disorders for some weeks before they find their equilibrium.

But why does this happen? For some, it is simply caused by the desire to keep on sleeping as much as they wish in the morning and to spend their free time as they wish. Others have personal problems, and do not want to go back because they have to meet their classmates or a professor they do not like.

Thus remember, if your child is a student that is acting up before going to school he could have important reasons behind his actions. Try to understand him, and help him if he has trouble sleeping at night due to his change in lifestyle!

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