Self Care Saturday: Your Guide To Total Relaxation

Self Care Saturday: Your Guide To Total Relaxation

Self Care Saturday: Your Guide To Total Relaxation

When life gets a bit much, looking after yourself is a top priority. A self care plan can be the best course of action after a stressful week, and Saturday’s are the perfect day to indulge in some ‘me time’ and immerse yourself in relaxation. To help you along, we’ve devised a self care guide that you can use tomorrow as a reference point throughout the day for ideas and inspiration. Check it out!


Lie In – Wakey wakey! Weekend mornings were made for self indulgence, so start the day off by giving yourself enough of a lie in that you feel fully rested and refreshed. Don’t go overboard however or you’ll end up feeling worse and depleting your energy levels.


Breakfast – Once your slightly extended period in bed is over, it’s time to refuel after a night of fasting with a healthy breakfast. Choose foods that you enjoy but that are also good for you, something along the lines of oatmeal and fruit, poached eggs on toast or banana pancakes – nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring! Enjoy your first meal of the day and begin the unwinding process whilst thinking of your plan for the day.


Exercise – After a leisurely, and hopefully relaxing, morning it’s time to move onto the next stage of the day and do more self care activities. It might be a good idea to do some form of exercise at this point, to make you feel fully awake and release a burst of endorphins that will have you feeling great for the rest of the day. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and get the most enjoyment out of, whether that be a workout at the gym, a yoga session or just a long walk outdoors. Getting fresh air is really important to our mental well being, so whatever your plan is make sure to get outside at some point and reconnect with nature.


Activity – Following your stint of exercise, you might want to relax for a bit and have a nice lunch or an early dinner. What you do next is completely up to you, choose an activity that makes you feel happy and at ease and try practicing it for at least an hour. You might want to do some DIY or crafting, read a book, paint a picture, do some mindful colouring or write a journal entry – whatever it is just make sure it takes your mind off any stressful thoughts and allows you to get lost in the moment.


Unwind – As the day starts to wind down, so should you. Don’t do any more strenuous or overly exertive activities or you will give yourself too much energy before bed-time and struggle to get asleep. Instead, have a long hot bath to fully relax your mind and body and if you wish, follow it up with a mini pamper session that will have you feeling brand spanking new. Self care is all about what’s going on inside, but sometimes when we look after ourselves externally it gives us a new lease of life.

Meditation – Finish the day with a quick meditation right before you go to bed. Get yourself comfortable and put on your favourite meditation track that will help you to clear your mind and put your worries aside. Practice some deep breathing exercises, breathing in positive feelings and breathing out negative ones. End the meditation with a simple, reassuring mantra such as ‘I am at peace’ and repeat as many times as you find necessary.

We have reached the end of our self care Saturday plan, please feel free to have your own self care session the next time you feel like you really need one, and let us know how it goes in the comments!