Set SMART Objectives and Get Things Done

Set SMART Objectives and Get Things Done

Set SMART Objectives and Get Things Done

Sometimes it feels so hard to get things done that it seems like you’re not getting anywhere. That’s a common problem in today’s society. Mostly because there’s so much distraction going on that it’s really hard to focus on what really matters. But let’s not forget, if you don’t manage to achieve what you want, you’re ultimately the only one to blame. You’re probably lacking effective time management skills, and that’s also why you find it so difficult to prevent procrastination from controlling your whole life.

Thankfully there’s a way out of this discomforting situation I just painted. It’s called setting SMART Objectives. Implementing the SMART criteria in your daily life can really make the difference. You just need to stay motivated and actually force yourself to use it until it becomes automatic.

Sounds good? Then let’s take a look at what are these SMART Objectives and what does the SMART acronym stand for.

1. Specific

Set clear and specific goals. Otherwise you won’t be able to focus your efforts in order to achieve it. Having a clear goal in mind prevents procrastination and helps you realize how important it is for you actually get it done!


2. Measurable

Having measurable goals is the foundation of the SMART criteria. If you can track your progress you’ll have less troubles with staying motivated and the deadlines will inevitably seem less scary. Getting closer to your objectives is exciting, and that adrenaline rush will make you work even harder.

3. Achievable

You won’t be able to fly just because you decide so. Your objective must also be realistic! So, by any means, set difficult and ambitious goals, but make sure that there’s also a clear path for you to tread in order to achieve them.

4. Relevant

Make sure that the objectives you’re trying to reach matter to you. And don’t let anyone tell you what you should do with your life. Ask yourself these questions: is it the right time? Does this match your other needs and efforts? It’s important that what you do to achieve every SMART objective is perfectly compatible with everything you’re already doing.

5. Time-bound

Every goal needs a target date. So give yourself a deadline. Effective time management isn’t about doing all things at once. It’s about knowing exactly how long it takes to do one task in order to adjust your life accordingly.

If you need to get things done, giving the SMART criteria a try is definitely the best option you have available. It’s simple. Start setting your SMART objective now and never worry again about procrastination and unexpected failures.