Shamanic Journeying: 5 Legal Herbs to Use at Home

Shamanic Journeying: 5 Legal Herbs to Use at Home

Shamanic Journeying: 5 Legal Herbs to Use at Home

Get into the zone: learn about shamanic journeying, and how to carry it out with the help of five household friendly herbs.

First of all, what is shamanic journeying? When thinking about these terms together, you might get the image of beating drums in a desert, of hallucinogenic drums and smoke. However, that is not totally true. Not at all, really. When we enter a shamanic meditation, we leave our physical bodies, and heal our energetic and spiritual bodies. Journeying can be aided by herbs, some of which are amazingly common in any household. Here are 5 legal herbs you can use; all of them are perfectly legal. However, be aware of the fact that they could still be powerful or dangerous when in the wrong hands.

Let us make it clear that in no way possible Meditation Relax Club wants to promote drug use or culture in general. These are common medicinal herbs used all around the world, but make sure to consult your general physician or a specialist before choosing to consume them, as their effects can vary. Especially in the case you suffer from pressure problems, heart diseases or encountered allergic reactions to similar natural products in the past.


An excellent detoxifier, dandelion is a guide that will help you connect with your spirit. You can boil its leaves or its root and make a tea, or use a diffuser for its essential oil.

dandelion flower


This herb is know for clearing up breathing passages. It is extremely strong, so when you start using it, do so only in very small amounts. You can brew it and consume it as a tea, or smoke it. It will help you to completely unwind, and ease your mind.



When brewed lightly, a home remedy for sleeplessness used by mothers for their children all around the world. When brewed more strongly, it becomes a powerful aid to awaken your senses. Try it out!



Among shaman herbs, passionflower has some of the best dream activating properties. It is an extremely relaxing herb which can help you put you mind and body at ease. Use it when you feel overly excited, and wish to calm down while preparing for your shamanic journey.


Kava Kava

By chewing on this dream herb, your body will relax and your tongue will numb. You mind will sharpen, and everything will become more clear. Kava Kava is traditionally used in ceremonies; be careful, however, as it can be toxic in high quantities.

kava kava

We hope this short list can be of use to you, and that these herbs can help you find inner peace. Did you know any of them? Please do use them responsibly so as not to cause harm to yourself or others. For more healthy lifestyle and meditation tips, don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog. Keep on staying positive!