Shower Meditation: 5 Minute Meditation for Busy People

Shower Meditation: 5 Minute Meditation for Busy People

Shower Meditation: 5 Minute Meditation for Busy People

5 minutes of mindfulness are all you need to cleanse your mind for the day. Start your morning the right way by enjoying a fresh shower meditation.

You can be meditative in any place, while performing any action: the effectiveness of your meditation lies in you, not in the environment that surrounds you. The shower is a great place for training your mind while you go around your normal routine, with just a couple of added benefits. Adding a daily 5 minute meditation in the morning while you shower can help you start off with a positive, fresh mind.

Why is it better?

Hot water can have a calming effect on your body. It makes you drowsy, helping you get in touch with a deeper sense of yourself. Are you going for this kind of meditation, or are you looking for a more vigilant and mindful type? Then turn the water faucet over to cold, and let the temperature change awaken you while you meditate.
Just be careful not to catch a cold; be also mindful of your body’s limits and to what it can withstand before facing repercussions!

Don’t waste water:

Being mindful while you are going around your everyday routine is fine, but don’t overdo it. Try not to waste water by staying under the hot water stream too long. The goal here is to cleanse your mind while showering normally. Respect the environment!


Just try it out! Use your time productively in the morning for the next week, and see if your days take a turn for the positive. If it helps, you can try using this music taken from our main YouTube channel to relax even more while under the shower:

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