Shower Meditation: Wash Away Your Stress and Anxieties

Shower Meditation: Wash Away Your Stress and Anxieties

Shower Meditation: Wash Away Your Stress and Anxieties

Water is a symbol of life, of purity, and of beauty. Since ancient times, people have meditated under waterfalls in order to achieve both physical power and knowledge.

Today, water flows freely within our homes. It is something that a great part of us gives for granted, and that we should all be thankful for. It keeps us alive, healthy, and clean. Next time you take a shower, you can try and show your thankfulness by performing a shower meditation. How do you do it? It’s simple! Just read on and follow these steps:

Visualize Your Stress and Anxieties

The day has ended, and all the negativity it has created lies inside of you, waiting to be flushed away. Only you have the power to do so. Get in the shower, and while you are washing yourself visualize the dark conglomerate of bad feelings, and what has caused it. Hold them, and get ready for the next step.

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Envision the Power of Pure Water

Finally, become mindful of the water that has been flowing around you, and on your body, up until this moment. Without knowing, you were always surrounded by purity. Let this purity surround you, and envelop the negative feelings that you discovered within you.

Free Your Soul

You have visualized your stress and anxieties, and now you will let them from down the drain. The water from above does not only clean your body, but your spirit as well. Lay under the flow, and let it bring you positivity and balance. The water is fresh, and it breathes fresh life within you. Inhale and exhale deeply for ten times.


Enjoy a New Beginning

Get out of the shower. You are born anew. Go on, knowing that you are a new person, ready to rest and start a new day in a good mood once again.

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Enjoy this routine every time you get the chance to! Just hop into your shower, and enjoy a pure water shower meditation. For more healthy lifestyle and meditation tips, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog. Keep on staying positive!