Sleep Better By Working in an Environment with Natural Light

Sleep Better By Working in an Environment with Natural Light

The new discovery is amazing: natural day light influences your biological clock, and it can help you sleep better.

Improving the quality of your life can be easy sometimes. Just the smallest thing can make it better; but beware, as the smallest of things can also make it worse. The newest discovery sounds as simple as it is brilliant: working under natural light helps you sleep better. Being exposed to day light helps regulate your biological clock.

How does it work? It all started from a study conducted by the University of Illinois and Northwestern University of Chicago. Researchers took a sample of 49 office workers, and divided them in two groups: people that were made to work in closed offices with little to no daylight and people that worked in a naturally lit and open place.

The two groups were invited to work in these different conditions for a couple of weeks, at the end of which they were asked to report on their sleeping pattern, productivity levels and overall life quality. The results showed that workers that had stayed in sparsely illuminated office spaces had more trouble sleeping at night, and on average slept about 46 minutes less that someone from the other group. They moved less, and had a shorter temper.

According to researchers, the secret behind this drastic change in quality of life between the two groups lies in the fact that natural light influenced the biological clock of the people that were subject to it. When an organism does not receive enough sunlight, it goes into “nocturnal mode”, and productivity decreases. Your body thinks that it should be sleeping because your brain believes it is night outside.

In conclusion, if you want to sleep better remember to open that office window as much as possible,  and do not rely on artificial lighting as they do not have the same effect as true sunlight! Go out and just enjoy the sun when you have time.

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