Spa Music Playlist: Top 5 Spa Music Online

Spa Music Playlist: Top 5 Spa Music Online

If you were searching for the top spa music online you came to the right place. Are you looking forward to spending a relaxing day at the thermal Spa baths? This right here is the only compilation you will need when getting that special moment to yourself in order to enjoy it at its fullest.

Number 5

Are you about to take a small break from your Spa experience and drink a cup of tea? Then this is the tune that will make you enjoy that moment even more. Keep on reading for more relaxing Spa music.

Number 4

New Age tunes at number four! A smooth and long sound that is fit for a slow massage. Just make sure not to fall asleep when you are enveloped in these calming songs. → WATCH THE VIDEO

Number 3


At number three we find an all time classic. Enya is an artist that could not miss in our chart of relaxing spa music recommendations. Her mostly vibrant tunes fits a fun bubble bath and are sure to make you feel happy.

Number 2

Release your stress with these calming sounds and soft notes. An hour long peaceful song that you can listen to at any thermal Spa. → WATCH THE VIDEO

Number 1

Our number one relaxing spa music choice could be no other than this. The water noise make this sound perfect for a hot sauna or a Turkish bath! Immerse yourself completely in this regenerating experience.

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