Spa Music… Relaxation Experience

Spa Music… Relaxation Experience

Ready for pure relaxation and well-being? Our new album is on the international web store iTUNES!

Spa Music”, a mix of oriental flavours, new age music and nature sounds, created by the label Aqua Purha is already a masterpiece for spa relaxation music.

The perfect recipe is to choose easy ingredients to create a live performance of wellness music for a real relaxing experience.

Why is it so important to have the ideal background music when you need to relax?

Music is an important language, such as visual language, body or verbal language and it can produce emotions and feelings. That’s why when you meditate or when you practice yoga, or simply during a spa massage, music can guide you through a path of relaxation and shamanic healing.

The tracks and the instruments

35 tracks that create a journey in the ancient oriental world… close your eyes and you will listen to ancient instruments such as the armenian duduk and the sacred tibetan flute for a unique atmosphere of beauty spa center, walking step by step with the sounds of bird songs and water melody.

Nobility, value, good fortune and wealth are the characteristics of the traditional floral symbol of China, the peony, pictured in the cover of this spa music album, together with the stones of relaxation.

Spa Music” is ready to be your personal experience of inner peace and body mind connection

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