Spiritual Sex with Body Mind and Soul

Spiritual Sex with Body Mind and Soul

Do you like sex? I really do.

And have you ever reflected about the spiritual touch of sex?

What do think if I tell you that making love can also be a spiritual healing experience?!!!

Probably the idea to join sex and spirituality could be considered a little strange and provocative for many of us, in fact sex is considered an instant physical gratification and the attention is mostly on the performance.

But if we are, as human being, body mind and soul, why do many people forget about these two last parts of us during sex?

Sex is considered as a sacred act for a long time and the most famous version is tantra, which emerged from Asia around 1400 BC β€œthe individual personality and identity of each participant is dissolved in cosmic consciousness” (from Wikipedia)

Making love with body:

take care of it, be confident and listen to it;

don’t feel embarrassed of your sexual phisical desires, they are natural and a part of us;

seek your physical pleasure and give it to your partner

I choose this relaxation and love music ideal for love and… hot nights! –> Sex Relaxation Music

Making love with mind:

make sex always with pleasure, abandon and serenity;

we are often tired… I know… you worked 12 hours a day, you spent all your day with your little baby and everything you desire is going to bed with your new book! Here you have two options, postpone sex with the classical excuse of headache (!!!) or you can consider sex as a good anti stress, a relaxation exercise and an anxiety medication… it works!

Tantric Music is a new age sexual healing music soundtrack, ideal for an emotional involvement. –> Tantric Massage Music

Making love with soul:

yes… with soul and spirit, and this is the dimension that approaches sex to spirituality and it’s maybe the most difficult to live for our culture.

Lovemaking with the soul, too means to loose your ego borders; it’s in spiritual and sexual ecstasy that we are taken outside of our self and beyond our ego.

Spiritual Sex is like a sweet and intense emotional healing touch for our body mind and soul.

It can certainly help to create a stronger bond, but a long-term relationship is not the prerequisite, sex can give a big spiritual energy also in transition relationships.

I let you with an extremely relaxing music where body, mind and soul meet each others. I suggest you to listen track n. 25 “I want more (Shadow of the night), an inspiration from “50 Shades of Grey”–> 50 Romantic Collection

In a few words… LOVE AND PEACE… and that’s all!!!

* Giorgia