Spring Yoga: Prepare your Body and your Soul to Blossom

Spring Yoga: Prepare your Body and your Soul to Blossom

Spring Yoga: Prepare your Body and your Soul to Blossom

Spring is approaching and you have to prepare to blossom!
Behold, the Spring Equinox has come, which marks the rebirth and renewal of your intentions and is the propitious moment to plant new seeds in the heart! What a better time to bloom? If you want to welcome this new cycle and align your mind with your body and your soul, awaken your heart!

Yoga’s main goal is self-knowledge. By observing what happens in nature you can better recognize what happens within yourself. Each individual is unique and different, and you have to find what works best for your body and your soul.


Winter and Autumn are colder seasons of the year that invite you to become more introspective. During these two seasons, you become more reflective, you turn to yourself and watch your actions, emotions and thoughts more closely. During Winter, as well as nature, you rejoin your own universe and assimilate all that you experience during Spring and Summer. During Autumn, you begin to project new paths and prepare yourself to begin a new cycle of flowering.
Winter and Autumn are seasons of the year considered Yin. The main Yin elements are: Inner / Female / Emotion / Night / Cold / Moon. Spring and Summer are more Yang, whose elements are: Exterior / Male / Reason / Day / Heat / Sun.


During springtime, the cycle of life resumes with strength and energy. The flowers bloom in a rainbow of a thousand colors, the light shines divinely in this season. All nature celebrates the arrival of solar power! And since you are part of nature, you also receive and feel this rebirth of life. The seasons are new cycles that renew continuously. Yoga can help keep the body and mind in balance so that the vital energy can act properly in each of these new cycles.

During springtime you need to eliminate the excesses accumulated during Winter and Autumn, and to move the vital energy of your body and your soul, promoting vitality and lightnessYoga Spring’s practice invites you to mix some daily practices of Tibetan Rites, Meditation and Breathing and Healthy Eating.

Here some tips that could help you to prepare your body and your soul to blossom:

1) Create a Mantra with an affirmation that carries within itself an intention for transformation. In this sentence speak out loud or mentalize only positive words, avoiding to use any negative commands. For example: “I am a prosperous, patient, happy and healthy being”;

2) In Yoga, food is an essential source for the absorption of Prana (Vital Energy). So the more natural and healthy the food is, the better for you. Choose easily digestible foods like fruits, vegetables and greens;

3) Drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters), limit coffee or any caffeine-based drink, and make a healthy use of natural teas that help cleanse your body and your soul;

4) Sleep and rest are important, so make use of the potential of the vital energy they have to offer;

5) Practice physical and respiratory exercises: walking and cycling are good options for agility in joints, which can be very stiff due to lower winter temperatures when the tendency is to move less;

6) Energize your practice: rise out of winter’s lull with fresh energy. You can burn out the old junk you have been carrying and set yourself up for a successful spring. Be ready for the rebirth of life;

7) Be playful. During springtime, joy and fun are all around as new rebirth of life begins. New life inspires a sense of playfulness that you can embrace in yoga practice as well with your body and your soul. Include playfulness in your practice by trying laughter yoga and taking it all a little less seriously.

8) It is finally warm enough to practice outside, so let’s celebrate. Breathe in the fresh air and awaken new vibrations! During springtime there are a lot of intense vibrations for your body and your soul. Embrace a brighter, more alive state of being. Celebrate spring opening you up to the vital energy of the season.

Spring is a time of rebirth of liferenewal, transformation, and letting go of the old to make room for the new. The Spring yoga energy is all around you, and these eight tips will help you take out the spirit of spring from your body and your soul.