Stop Interrupting People and Become a Good Listener

Stop Interrupting People and Become a Good Listener

Stop Interrupting People and Become a Good Listener

Let’s say it how it is: people who interrupt aren’t anyone’s kind of favorite people. Sometimes they don’t even know they’re chronic interruptors. They just do it out of instinct without realizing it. Are you one of them? Do you hate when people say that you’re constantly being rude? Then it’s time to learn a few tricks to stop interrupting people once and for all.

You too can become a good listener. And by becoming one, you’ll realize how easier it is to start building healthy relationships with co-workers and peers of any sort.

Follow along. If you’re serious about becoming a good listener all you need to do is to start using the following tips.

Never Think About What You’ll Say Next

People who interrupt tend to do this way too much! They’re so focused on jumping in as soon as theres a second of silence. Instead, try to listen thoroughly, and let whomever you’re talking to know that you’re fully there. A gentle nod every once in a while will show your counterpart that you’re engaged and responsive.


Wait 10 Seconds

It’s simple isn’t it. If you think you’re being rude, just start giving your partner some breathing room. It really is the same concept shown above. After all, by waiting 10 seconds before responding, you’re going to be one hundred percent sure that it’s your turn to speak.


Repeat Back What You Heard

This method really shows that you’re a good listener. By repeating back in a shorter form what you just heard you’re letting your counterpart know that you’ve understood what was said. Try this method when you’re engaged in particularly stressful discussions. The secret to building healthy relationships is to learn how to keep under control a fight with good listening techniques. Are you surprised that shouting at each other doesn’t help?

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Practice Talking

People who interrupt just need to learn a good talking etiquette. It takes practice though. Call a friend in the evening, and keep in mind all the tips above while aiming to let him or her talk the most. If you do this consistently you’re going to become a a much better listener in no time!


It’s pretty easy to stop interrupting if you know what you’re doing. Use these tips on a daily basis and we’re sure that every interaction you have will become a much better experience for you and the others. Know someone who should read this? Forward it!