Stress Relief Techniques: A Guide to Aroma Therapy

Stress Relief Techniques: A Guide to Aroma Therapy

Perfume influences moods and heals us both in the outside and the inside. Follow this aromatherapy oils guide to know what to use for stress relief.

Aromatherapy benefits have been known for more than a thousand years. The use of essential oils for therapeutic and spiritual purposes goes back to several ancient civilizations, including the Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

The effect of each perfume is different from one another. Learn how each of the most famous essential oils can influence your body and mind, and discover how using can improve your everyday life. Here is a list of oils that are well known for their stress relief properties.


One of my favorite flowers, lavender not only has a beautiful shade of purple that takes after its name, but also smells great! The essential oil obtained from this plant has a calming effect on the nervous system; it help with depression and gives an order to chaotic energy within the body.


This plant native to Australia is used in medicine, to keep away insects and in sweets. It smells amazing, and its aromatherapy benefits include the increase of brainwave activity and of mind clarity.


Peppermint is effective at nerve relaxation; it can also help in relieving pain, increases energy and promoting a healthy and quick digestion.


Fresh, reinvigorating, but also reassuring. Citrus fits well as a background perfume in any environment, and helps with improving your mood.

We hope you enjoyed this small aromatherapy guide, and that you can use these stress relief techniques to improve your life and feel better in the future. Remember that the smallest of things can affect you in the greatest of ways.


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