Study Music: A New Age Way to Improve Brain Power

Study Music: A New Age Way to Improve Brain Power

Study can be difficult. It could be boring sometimes and it’s easy to think about other things while preparing an exam or let the mind wonder.

How to improve concentration? Lucky for us, music has been linked to increase some functions in the part of the brain that controls the attention span. With the correct music, a student can wildly improve the efficiency of his study. You can actually achieve higher results just listening to the right genre of music, for example using a binaural beats music at 432 hz or with some brain waves as beta or gamma waves to improve your mind and concetration. It all comes down to the type of music and your ability to focus and multitask.

The type of music you’re listening to while studying is extremely important. Firstly, the music cannot be super familiar. If you try to study with your favorite country album or the latest hits on the radio, you won’t be very successful because you will focus your attention more on the music than on your books. That’s why the best type of music to listen to while studying is classical music. It has been shown that it increases cognitive functions without simultaneously attract attention. Classical music is well appropriate because it has no vocals that can distract you. Words attract your attention just as movement attracts your vision. If you start listening to the lyrics of a song, then you’ll stop to pay attention to the words on the page. But music may also be the answer to the problems you have. For instance, moderately fast music with no vocals, minimal drums and bass, and calm, relaxing tones will improve your ability to focus on your task rather than occupying your mind. So when you are studying for a big test or attempting to write a paper, music can help you to stay completely focused on your topic. A good advice if you have some concentration problems is to try to listen to some music while you’re studying, putting the low volume and focusing your mind directly on your books.

I’m posting this video so it can be right for you and your works.


  1. Ayesha

    I used to listen to relaxation CDs to help me overcome issues with Insomnia due to my mental illness years ago but If I had have know there was relaxing music I could find on Youtube to relax me and even help boost my brainpower I would’ve jumped at the opportunity. Right now I am a senior in college. I live in New Jersey and so far this semester is going “Okay” I will try the relaxation music for sleep and if and when I become pregnant once I get into a committed relationship I think it would be good for “my baby”…awesome Youtube Channel…

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