Summer: 5 Tips to Relief Stress

Summer: 5 Tips to Relief Stress

Sun or rain, hot or cold, Summer is here and maybe this is the best period of the year to spend a little time for yourself and to relax as much as possible. Summer is considered the ideal season to bring harmony to your body, mind and soul, through fresh food, holidays, fitness and outdoor activities. Here’s a few TIPS to live the upcoming hot summer in the best way to RELIEF STRESS:
1 – Get access to green: take a 30 minutes walk in a park, sorrounded by nature, and it can seriously benefit your health, Spending time in nature can also slash anxiety;
2 – Gardening: it’s a form of meditation that allows you to spend time in direct contact with nature and its essence, to give life to a plant, from the seed to a grown up green creature. Moreover gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities and can provide an improvement in the depression symptons;
3 – Yoga by the seaside: with the summer season it’s the best way to expel negative energy, detoxify organs, build inner core strength and enhance wisdom, all this yoga power in an oceanic setting;
4 – Cook: Summer is the season of fresh vegetables and juicy fruits, so let’s play in the kitchen and experience with colours and flavours to create light recipies for your body care and to delight the palate.
5 – Last but not least outdoor meditation with a relaxing location: for example by the seaside, where you feel confortable. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to lower levels of stress hormone cortisol and bring a state of deep relaxation thanks to the endless movement of the sea waves.
If the sea is too far from your home, let’s bring the sea inside your room… enjoy this new age meditation music with nature sounds to feel the summer right inside your mind.


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