Summer Holiday: 7 Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Holiday: 7 Summer Skin Care Tips

The heat of the summer can take its toll if you have a vulnerable and light skin. Here are some all-natural skin care tips you should remember if you fit this description.

Summer means beach, sun and heat… Not all of these are good for your skin! If you do not take proper care of yourself, you might suffer the immediate consequences or face repercussions in the years to come. Summertime’s sun will be beaming up on you, so you better be smart and stay protected with these natural summer skin care tips!

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Lets start with the obvious – wear you sunscreen! Even a small walk outside during the hottest hour of the day can pose a threat to your skin. Add a healthy layer of protection in the morning: choose the ones with antioxidants for a more healthy skin.

Protect Your Lips!

We often forget about our lips, the most vulnerable part of our face. Not giving them enough hydration can cause them to bubble up or crack. Buy a new lipstick with an SPF of at least 15, and use it when exposed to the sun.

Water, Water and Water

If you want healthy skin in the summer, you have to keep hydrated! When walking around, always have a water bottle at the ready to chug when you feel the need. Avoid sugary drinks; instead, when having a break indulge on fresh, water rich foods such as watermelon.

Daily Exfoliation

Get into a daily exfoliation routine. Use a gentle natural scrub to wash away dead skin and clean up your pores every day.

Stay Natural

Longer days mean more time out to enjoy. While you are out, wear as little make up as possible as you would unnecessarily stress your skin more than it is used to during the winter.

A Good Sweat

Your fitness routine can become part of a beauty ritual. Sweating clears your pores and releases toxins, so when you can go out for a run during the morning.

The Best Part of the Sun

The sun’s rays can be harmful during the hottest hours of the day. If you are going to the beach or a trip, make sure to expose yourself only during late afternoon or early morning. The rays can be most harmful from 10:00AM to 4:00PM!

I hope you will find these summer natural skin care tips of use! Protect your body, and your body will show its love back by glowing.