The 5 Most Relaxing Playlists For Yoga And Meditation

The 5 Most Relaxing Playlists For Yoga And Meditation

The 5 Most Relaxing Playlists For Yoga And Meditation

It’s time to relax and spend some time practicing yoga or meditation! Both yoga and meditation have numerous health benefits and are great for helping you de-stress and heal your body and mind, so if you feel like you need some respite look no further. Here are 5 of our most relaxing playlists for you to enjoy whilst practicing yoga or meditation.

#5 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music Video – Relaxing Sounds For Yoga Videos

At number 5 we have over one hour of flow yoga music for yoga exercises. This relaxing playlist is also great for meditation, sleep and general relaxation, as well as tai chi and reiki, giving you plenty of ways to keep you busy in your spare time!

#4 Yoga Music Playlist

Containing beautiful and captivating piano sounds, this playlist would be the perfect accompaniment to any powerful and energising yoga session. Relax and breathe as you position yourself and allow your mind and body to flow with the music.

#3 Yoga & Meditation

Open your mind and stay in shape with this yoga meditation music playlist. With relaxing water sounds, stress management music and chakra balancing, this playlist has everything you need to unwind and get lost in the moment.

#2 Relaxation: Relaxing Nature Sounds And Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music For Relaxation Meditation

Do you love the sounds of nature? Then this is the playlist for you! Running water and soothing bird sounds feature throughout this hour long track, making it ideal for meditation, spa, massage, or deep sleep. Listen and find peace of mind..

#1 8 Hours Yoga Music And Relaxing Music Playlist For Wellness Spa Therapy, Meditation, Sleep

And finally at number one we have 8 hours of relaxation music for yoga, pilates, meditation and sleep. All that is left to do is play and enjoy!