The 6 Best Summer Foods You Could Possibly Enjoy This Season

The 6 Best Summer Foods You Could Possibly Enjoy This Season

Summer is a hot season where staying hydrated is key to staying healthy. What are the best foods that we could enjoy during this climate?

Summer is filled with opportunities to go out and enjoy food with friends and family. We have picnics, barbecues, beach bonfires, you name it! These are the perfect places to treat our palates with the right summer foods. The hot weather calls for it: we need the right healthy foods to eat in order to replenish the water and energy we loose during the day due to the heat. So here is a list of the best hot weather food you could possibly enjoy this season!


Nothing beats a slice of watermelon on a scorching summer day. I am eating my fill right while writing this list! Watermelon is about 91% water, and if that is not good enough of a reason to enjoy this fruit then you should know that it contains the highest level of lycopene (an antioxidant that helps fight heart disease) than any other fruit out there.


Another extremely hydrating food to enjoy during hot weather, maybe in a cold salad or with just a sprinkle of salt and olive oil… Cucumber is made up of 95% water, and helps you eliminate toxins.

Yellow Corn

A summer staple. Yellow corn is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, and is the perfect treat on a hot summer day! Add it to your barbecue, and enjoy it with your family and friends.


Sweet, portable, delicious. Grapes are full of flavonoids that help you fight the aging process. They also help you fight a variety of different diseases, including kidney diseases and cataract.


Another tasty early summer snack. Cherries are a great healthy food to eat as they help you sleep better and they improve your memory.

Dark Chocolate!

True, chocolate tends to melt during hot weather. However, you must not deprive yourself of this sweet and healthy snack in the morning! Store it in the fridge, and eat a cube or two a day: dark chocolate has many antioxidants to keep you healthy and young!

These were only some of the delicious hot weather healthy foods you can enjoy this summer. What are you waiting for? Have a watery treat!