The Dream Interpretation Guide

The Dream Interpretation Guide

Everyone has dreams. There’s nothing out of the unordinary about that. But what’s extraordinary about dreaming is that they can reveal what we’re dealing with in our subconscious. The meaning of a dream can differ from anything you may be worried about, bring up problems you may not have dealt with and sometimes, they can seem completely random. To being understanding our dreams, we must first look at the context of dreaming.

Meditation Relax Club has knitted together a Dream Interpretation Guide’ so you can have a better idea of why you’re dreaming about certain things.

When do we dream?

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We can dream at any of the four stages of our sleep cycle. But typically our most vivid dreaming begins while we’re in the state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is the fourth and final stage of our sleep cycle. In this stage of REM our minds and emotions begin revitalising themselves, which can explain why we feel emotions in our dreams. If we awaken during this time we can recall our dreams much better.

What is the purpose of a dream?

This is a highly debated question: to which there are many different theories. Before REM was discovered, theorist Sigmund Freud believed that the purpose of dreaming was to reserve sleep. Presently, the more popular theory surrounding the meaning of a dream belongs to renowned sleep-psychologist, Rosalind Cartwright. She believes that dreams “help us process new, emotionally important information and add it to our conceptual memory system.”.

Why do we dream?

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Prepare you for change: If you’ve recently fallen in love, you may be dreaming of weddings or children. Perhaps you’re going off to university, you could be dreaming more about being in a classroom. Meanings of a dream can actually be seen as a rehearsal for a life changing event.

Help you cope with trauma or loss: Maybe people can recall their lost loved one visiting them in their dreams. This is one of the ways dreaming can help us cope with loss. Perhaps you’ve been through a bad break-up, you could be furious or even violent in your dream. This is a normal way of our emotions dealing with a hard time.

Facilitate learning: Have you ever fallen asleep while playing a game, and dreamt you were still playing it? This is a Non-REM dream. These type of dreams typically reflect over the day passed. They can be anything from making dinner, to playing games before bed. It’s a way our brains process information which seems important.

Should I interpret my dreams?

Or just ignore them? You can choose not to take anything from your dreams. But taking note of our dreams can offer us a powerful insight into feelings and thoughts we didn’t even know we had. Dreams can have signs and meanings: by interpreting our dreams on a regular basis we can stay in constant contact with our subconscious and know what our mind is thinking about, beneath the surface.

How do I interpret my dream?

dream interpretation guide, interpretation of my dream, meaning of your dreams, the meaning of a dream, interpret my dream

If you want to keep a record of your dreams I recommend starting a dream journal. Write in it every time you remember your dream, even if it is just a fragment of it. This way you’ll be able to keep track of what your dreams are trying to tell you. Link up the events from your life with the occurrences from your dream and start to joining up the dots!

I hope this ‘Dream Interpretation Guide’ has helped you understand not just the meaning of your dream, but the context behind dreaming. If you’re looking for a good night’s rest check out our highly rated music for sleeping.

Until next time, sweet dreams.

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