The Effects of Music On Our Brain: Dopamine Release and Memory Improvement

The Effects of Music On Our Brain: Dopamine Release and Memory Improvement

Music is born from memories, and it surrounds us for most of our lives. It’s an ancient art that followed our ancestors since the first humanoids realized that bumping objects together could create noise, and rhythm. Now, it shares emotions: through a simple tune we can remember and let memories flow through us. Music surpasses time and space, and conveys a kaleidoscope of sentiments. This has left scientists wondering: what’s the true effect of music on our brain?

The answer to this question must be sought several thousands of years before our time, in an era when the homo sapiens still had not walked the earth. Some people believe that music was born as a way of keeping us together while we had to move in packs, as our brain responds to it by activating areas that work with movement. Others believe that this association was just casual, as it can divert cerebral impulses created for other reasons such as language and emotions.

The truth is that music, unrelated to its origin, nowadays can give us pleasure and make us feel emotions. It stimulates dopamine release and can make us happy or sad: this is explained by a series of brain structures related to rhythm, which are the connected to the part of our cerebral cortex that generates emotions.

Another surprising aspect of music is the one connected with cognitive functions. Through the last years, doctors have studied the relationship between music and the ability to remember body movements. By studying while listening to instrumental songs, you will be able to fully experience the effects of music on memory improvement. In fact, while listening to a tune your brain activates not only the regions connected with rhythm, but also the ones that deal with knowledge and language.

Listening to brain music while studying will certainly give you a big help when it comes to memorizing facts and dates. Try playing this music in the background while preparing for your next exams!

Music helps with dopamine release. It keeps you calm and concentrated, and helps with memory improvement. See if this is also true for you!