The Greatest Goal: 500.000 Youtube Followers (and a present for you ♥)

The Greatest Goal: 500.000 Youtube Followers (and a present for you ♥)

It was 27th September 2012 when we started this great adventure on Youtube, creating a space for relaxation, peace and tranquility, that we simply called Meditation Relax Club. Later, this website arrived and, time after time, became a very important point of reference for the health and fitness community.

After 3 years our project has become great and precious, involving people from all over the world, who visit our channel, our site and our social media pages, to share with us feelings and emotions under the sign of relaxing meditation music.

After 3 years we feel stronger and we keep on creating and producing such soothing melodies and instrumental music to become the world leader of relaxation music. We know it can sound ambicious but, with the help of each one of you, we realized that nothing is impossible. Over time we grew up and we expanded our presence collaborating with affirmed partners in the relaxing music field with famous hit music collections that we recommend on our videos, like “Asian Meditation Music 101”, currently on top of New Age iTunes chart.

After 3 years Meditation Relax Club is no more alone on the Youtube scene. Today we are proud of the big multichannel network we created, which includes other amazing channels of great success, like the chilling Buddha Tribe, the tranquilizing Sleep Music Relax Zone, the cool Chillout Lounge Relax, the spicy Sensual Music Club, and others.

After 3 years we are now able to make the numbers talk: all the Youtube channels we manage with devotion and love, can involve together more than 826.000 subscribers and they globally have reached 296.348.000 views (and counting…) with almost 5 billions minutes watched (it means more than 9000 years!!!).

After 3 years the values that help us begin this journey are more alive than ever, receiving so much positive feedback from you that we are motivated to continue our work to give you only the best, because you are so kind and affectionate to show us every day how much you deserve it.

After 3 years of Meditation Relax Club in fact we have reached a numerous and loyal public and, more important, we have had the chance to meet new friends along our path, and we think that friendship is one of the most important things in life.

These friends that follow our Meditation Relax Club Youtube channel are today 500.000 and we feel honored to have you in this amazing community. So now it’s time to thank you for being here to support us every day of our Meditation Relax Club lives, for being so numerous and participatory. Thank you for listening, for watching, for reading, for sharing, for leaving a comment on our social pages and for being part of our lives.

To celebrate this occasion we would like to give you for free Meditation Relax Club’s last creation: Loving Kindness Meditation Songs, the complete album, that is also currently for sale, so it’s a real value product. We ask you just for one “like” on Facebook, a tweet or a +1 on Google Plus. Share this post, spread the word, and the complete album will be yours for free:

[sociallocker] Click here to download Loving Kindness Meditation Songs free mp3 album [/sociallocker]

Feel free to download it and listen to it everytime you want. Use it to help you relax and sleep, or as background music for your meditation sessions. Or why not? Give it to the person you love, to say “thank you for being here”. It’s up to you!

Finally, we remind you that you can find Meditation Relax Club music on:

Youtube (our best video selection and great music suggestions)
iTunes (the complete discography for sale)
Spotify (all our albums in streaming for free and some exclusive releases)
Deezer (our best albums in streaming for free)

and you can keep in touch with us on our social media pages:


Thank you all from Meditation Relax Club and blessings!

  1. Harashi Aram

    Los felicito, por esta labor tan maravillosa que nos regalan con su música de relax, paz y meditación, que tanta falta hace, en un mundo convulsionado por la falta de equilibrio.Sinceramente, Gracias!!!

    • RLion

      Gracias para eschuchar nuestra mùsica!

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