The Health Benefits of Chocolate: An Ally To Improve Your Memory

The Health Benefits of Chocolate: An Ally To Improve Your Memory

Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate? Read this article, and you might change your opinion on what many people wrongly consider just a food to avoid during diets.

Chocolate, one of the most popular foods over the world. A sweet, melting morsel native to South America, where the Aztecs used to consume it under the form of a bitter fermented beverage. In western societies, we mostly see this ingredient transformed and combined with sugar. This practice has led many to associate chocolate with fat: when asked what food one must avoid during a diet, people will very often respond “chocolate”.

However, they could not be any wronger. There are countless health benefits of chocolate that you can enjoy. Of course, most of these refer to dark chocolate, which is to say the one with less artificial sugars and fats added. I find this kind to be more rich and delicious than the one which now belongs next to candy bars in supermarkets. The secret lies in cacao seeds, which on their own can be quite chunky and dusty. Cacao, however, is also amazingly healthy for you; thus explained the health benefits of chocolate. As long as the cacao content in a bar exceeds 70%, you are good to go! The taste will be tolerable, and there will not be much of a downside when it comes to added calories.


So, what can chocolate do for you? Chocolate is full of healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine. These antioxidant compounds help you in countless ways: they keep your heart healthy, prevent anti radicals, make you happier and actually promote weigh loss in their own special manner. That’s right; dark chocolate health benefits include making you feel fuller, lessening the craving for other sweet and fatty foods.

However, the most amazing effect of flavonoids contained in chocolate has been proven just recently in a study conducted on data collected from the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS). The researchers found a link between the regular consumption of chocolate and cognitive functions. It would seem that people that ate a small portion of chocolate every day had significantly better results when it came to performance during test for the assessment of aforementioned cognitive functions.

According to the data, chocolate would improve your memory, it helps with work and with processing abstract thought. Flavonoids in particular meliorate cognitive functions, slowing down the effect of age on the mind if eaten regularly.

One more good reason to enjoy a tasty morsel once in a while, right? Personally, I enjoy a small chunk of dark chocolate in the morning, while drinking a cup of green tea to melt it down and enjoy the taste better. How do you like your chocolate?

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