The IKEA Ship Stream Sounds Weird But You Just Might Enjoy It

The IKEA Ship Stream Sounds Weird But You Just Might Enjoy It

The IKEA Ship Stream Sounds Weird But You Just Might Enjoy It


Some people count sheep, others meditate, and some just close their eyes. But according to Ikea, one of the best ways to fall asleep is listening to Swedish people narrate Ikea furniture names in soothing tones. Kinda weird if you ask me – but it seems to work!

IKEA is live-streaming a container ship, while a Swedish guy reads names of IKEA products. Live. Right now.

This month, Ikea has entered the realm of slow TV, offering up a 336-hour livestream of a cargo ship carting its goods across the oceans. To top it off, the video will be accompanied by a voice-over from two of its employees (Kent and Sara) reading out a catalogue in what are promised to be “soothing tones”. Watching what is essentially paint drying might sound like a waste of visual space, but it’s a formula that’s taken off with surprising speed among Australian viewers.



It may sound a bit weird, but it works! This thing is called ASMR… and it can fix your sleeping problems!

ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is still a relatively new creation: although the name is a little strange at first, its purpose is to arouse a pleasurable sense of relaxation through visual, auditory and cognitive stimuli.

You may have already had some experience with ASMR, especially if you like to hear the noise of rain, waterfall or even a burning fireplace. There are a number of sounds and even everyday situations that awaken tranquility and relaxation when we listen, and can help us to have the long awaited peaceful sleep.

When our day is very busy, getting rest becomes a big challenge. It seems that the more tired you are, the harder it is to be able to relax and sleep. Thoughts may continue at full speed and the body may not find the perfect resting position.

It’s just… So soothing.

Sleeping problems tonight? Tune in to our ASMR videos! We may not have our personal ship just like Ikea, but we have a vaste catalogue of sleep music you can listen by heading over to our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the music to ensure you receive all updates on future videos.