Tai Chi Benefits: Mental and Physical Properties

Tai Chi Benefits: Mental and Physical Properties

Tai Chi: the ancient martial art of Chinese origins, well-known all over the world!
Talking about the different beneficial properties of Tai Chi, we must not forget its main characteristic. In addition to represent a real cure for joint pain, a terrific way to relax and keep muscles toned, it promotes concentration and balance, even for old-aged people.
This ancient art seems to be also a powerful elixir of life.

The results of a study involving more than 61,000 Chinese men was published in the scientific journal, the “American Journal of Epidemiology” The sample was divided into two different groups: one of them used to practice Tai Chi for several years, the other group lived a sedentary lifestyle. The study, conducted by the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, shows that men who practiced tai chi regularly had a reduced risk of dying of about 20%.
Being an ancient Chinese art based on slow movements, balance and concentration, tai chi helps to maintain a body position for a long period of time.
Studies in the past proved the benefits of Tai Chi against the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and today, it has spread worldwide as a fitness training and as a preventive care technique which consists in slow movements and harmony. So here is a musical help to better enjoy your tai chi training.


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