The Physical Benefits of Yoga

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

You may have never stepped inside a yoga studio, or really know what all the fuss is about when it comes to yoga. You may wonder why so many people practise yoga. Well turns out yoga has a ton of physical benefits, as well as mental benefits. The two constantly intwine, which is the purpose of yoga as it connects your mind, body and soul.

At Meditation Relax Club we’re believers in the powers of yoga. It has a positively ridiculous amount of healthy benefits, from anything like being a natural relief for anxiety to improving your blood circulation. Check out the list below, prepared to be motivated to get the mat out and start improving your health today!

It’s Good For Your Heart

Yoga which is more aerobic orientated can get your heart rate up. When you get regularly get your heart rate up, the risk of having a heart attack goes down. Even if you don’t practise yoga all the time, or you practise a less intense regime yoga still does wonders for your cardiovascular condition.

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Multiple studies have shown that one of benefits of yoga is that it increases your uptake of oxygen throughout exercise. The more oxygen the better am I right?

Boost Your Immune System

Did you know Yoga is a form of meditation? Yep, practising the breathing exercises which come with Yoga actually helps you get your zen on. Which works as a super boost for your immune system.

It seems that Yoga helps prevent you getting sick, as it raises antibody levels which work against the illnesses like influenza, sinus and chest infections and fevers when needed.

Practising Yoga Regularly Makes You Really Flexible

One of the most obvious benefits of Yoga is the increase of flexibility. Becoming flexible is one of the best physical benefits of yoga if you suffer from aches and pains. When you first begin Yoga chances are you won’t be able to touch your toes, or bend as much as the regulars. But don’t freight! If you make Yoga apart of your regular routine you’ll notice your body gradually loosening.

Eventually you’ll be able to catch up with the expert Yogis and bend into all sorts of poses. This will coincide with the disappearance of aches and pains. Improper alignment of joints can cause a strain on your hips, knees, thigh and shinbones. One of the biggest causes of back pain are tight hamstrings, Yoga loosens your hamstrings.

Yoga Helps You Sleep Deeper

Often find yourself lying awake at night worrying about this and that? Yoga being a method of meditation works as a natural relief for anxiety as it helps your mind escape the problems which occupies your mind. If you want to get a better night’s sleep you should try practising a less-demanded Yoga routine before bed time.

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But if you’re feeling drained you should try yoga nidra. “What is Yoga Nidra?” is a form of sleep meditation. It’s commonly known amongst Yogis as “yogic sleep”, it gets your mind to enter the state of consciousness between being asleep and being awake. Making it a very deep and relaxing form of yoga which benefits your stress and anxiety levels greatly.

Yoga Makes You Stronger

Yoga builds your muscles, and although muscles look good, they do a terrific job at keeping conditions like back pain and arthritis at bay. If you combine building strength with yoga it increases your flexibility, which can be better than just focusing on weightlifting at the gym.  

Protects Your Spine

We can all agree that your spine is a vital and important part of your skeleton, so it’s good to protect it right? With the expandable array of yoga poses of backbends, forward bends, and twists, your spinal disks will be in heaven!

Your spinal disks have a huge influence on your nerves and vertebrae, they crave movements because that’s how they get their nutrients and stay healthy.

Feeling inspired? Yoga make look intimidating at first, not only because it involves twisting and turning our bodies into unfamiliar positions, but it also forces out minds to escape, which can be hard for anyone who likes to stay in control. It’s time to let go, turn on some music for yoga and start practising your poses today!