The Secret Benefits of Dried Fruit and Nuts

The Secret Benefits of Dried Fruit and Nuts

If you believe that dried fruit is too caloric to be included in a healthy diet, think again. Here are just some of the reasons for which you should consume more of this super food.

Dried fruits and nuts are, for the most of us, only a food that should be consumed during the holidays and on cold winter days. They make you fat, and are super caloric; after the winter break, we usually avoid them and head off to the gym. Recently, however, this has changed. Consuming dried fruit and nuts has become very important within a balanced and healthy diet.

It is true that dried foods such as almonds, raisins, nuts and ginger can contain a lot of fats and are very caloric. However, we must remember that the fats contained in fruits are mono saturated, and are much healthier and necessary to our bodies that can get rid of them faster.

The right amount? 30 g a day! To get all the benefits of dried fruits, consume them in a moderate amount throughout the day as a snack or as part of a light meal. For example, try adding them to your salad, maybe with some fresh cheese and legumes.

Here are some of the most interesting dried fruit nutrition facts:

Ginger is an antioxidant, and when consumed regularly it can slow down the aging process. It also has a digestive effect; try making an infusion by boiling it fresh!

Almonds are very rich in calcium, which helps your bones stay strong. They are very recommended for pregnant women.

Prunes are also rich in calcium and potassium, and are notably consumed by athletes. They also help you go to the bathroom more regularly.

Pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack; they have very little calories and contain a lot of magnesium.

Hazelnuts help protect your heart and maintain your blood fluid by helping you fight cholesterol.

Raisins are very sweet; 30g have the same amount of sugar of a piece of chocolate of the same weight, but they contain half the calories! They are a perfect stack for children.

I hope you will try eating these super foods, dried fruits and nuts, more often. They will give you a boost of energy and make you last longer through the day!