The Secret Benefits of Stress: How To Get Stronger Thanks To It

The Secret Benefits of Stress: How To Get Stronger Thanks To It

The Secret Benefits of Stress: How To Get Stronger Thanks To It

We are constantly told how stress is bad, and how it can wreak havoc on our mind, body and soul. However, we rarely are told about the positive effects it can have. Find about them by reading this article!

Stress: a black cloud that seems to affect us in the most adverse, detrimental ways. Is makes us eat too much, it makes us eat too little. It makes us sleepless, it makes your blood pressure high. It makes your head hurt and your stomach churn. Most of us would rather live without it; I, however, am not one of these people.

As a very anxious person, I have a love-hate relationship with stress. This may seem nonsense, but just think about it: when under stress, I perform better, I work faster, and I have more energy!

This led me to try and discover other silver linings of what we initially only defined as a dark, gloomy cloud. Turns out not all stress is bad for you! Please don’t misunderstand; I wished I could wake up every morning as if I had fallen asleep in a bed of roses woven together by fairies and unicorns, but we know life doesn’t work out like that. Rather than choosing to see the glass as half-empty, I want to see it half-full. And here’s three solid good reasons why you should be doing the same:

It Boosts Your Immune System

Stress is an evolutionary trait that arose in an attempt to protect you, and to make you feel threatened in situations that deemed it necessary. When you are moderately stressed, your body creates a chemical which gives your immune system a boost against illnesses. While under its effect, you are less likely to catch a cold or a virus!

It Helps You Get Stronger

While you are under its effect, feelings stress is just awful. However, looking back I do realize that feeling stressed has made me tougher and helped me get stronger. Think about it: the more you deal with negative situations, the better you get at it; and the strong rush of adrenaline that helped you get through them the first time around was all thanks to stress! The only reason you don’t crack under pressure is thanks to it.

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It Improves Your Cognitive Performance

Stress and danger can potentially boost the level of performance of your brain. Dealing with stress improves the connection between neurons, heightening your attention span and memory. Overall, it helps you be more productive!

I hope you can change your mind about what you believe feeling stressed truly means. For more articles about a positive and proactive lifestyle, don’t forget to check out the other articles one the Meditation Relax Club blog!