Think You Suffer From Anxiety? Here's The Signs & Solutions

Think You Suffer From Anxiety? Here's The Signs & Solutions

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes; from social anxiety to self-doubt. Even the most confident person can go through spells of suffering from anxiety. We’ve put together some symptoms of the head-wrecking dilemma, and provided some honest ways to help anxiety.

Finding It Hard To Sleep Every Night?

Does it seem that although you go to bed early you find your head buzzing with worries? Thinking about work responsibilities, many some personal problems or money troubles? Insomnia is a tell-tale sign you suffer from anxiety. Sleep deprivation not only makes us feel tired and groggy come morning, but it also affects the way we perform on a day-to-day basis. Which can be very frustrating for any individual.

What Can Help Insomnia?

There are few things you can do to help you catch some rest-filled z’s. Try organizing yourself for the next morning by getting your outfit ready, taking a nice relaxing shower, listening to soothing sleep music, exercising 4 hours before you go to bed and keeping your room tidy. This will help clear your head and make the morning easier.

Can’t Seem To Switch Off Your Mind?

It may not just be at night you find your thoughts buzzing. Racing thoughts and overthinking each thought is a major sign that you suffer from anxiety. Every thought, every decision distills a great deal of emotional turmoil for you. Fearing you’ll make the wrong decision can be overwhelming.

How Can I Switch Off?

Breathe. Meditation can really help your mind get some rest and give you space to breathe. Anyone can meditate. Even if your day is packed, there’s always room to meditate at any point during the day. You deserve even 15 minutes to switch off from the world and breathe. You’ll find yourself gradually being able to handle stress better and it will help ease the anxiety.

You Get Stressed Over Being Stressed

A key sign you suffer from anxiety is that you find yourself in an endless cycle of becoming stressed, and then become stressed about becoming stressed. This scenario can arise from any problem big or small; for example, it could be about what to have for breakfast, not being able to decide, and then stressing about being late and then becoming stressed because you feel you’ve inflicted this upon yourself.

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How Can I Stop This From Happening?

To be blunt, you need to relax. Remember to breathe and remember than everything will work out. Even if you make the wrong decision the world will not end. That can be difficult to see when you feel everything is caving in on you. Take yourself out of the moment as this will help minimize the problem. Re-approach the problem again when you feel calmer.

You Constantly Expect The Worst

Expecting the worst or catastrophizing possible outcomes is a major sign you suffer from anxiety. This is perfectly normal. When you suffer from anxiety it may seem you are in a constant state of fear and doubt. Perhaps you caught someone’s eye on the bus, you may think they’re judging something you’re wearing or there’s something on your face. The chances are they’re not. 

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How Can I Stop Thinking Only Bad Things Can Happen?

Switch your attitude. A lot easier said than done I know, but it is possible! Becoming a positive thinker will not only make this this negative thinking disappear, but it also benefits both your mind and body!

You Give Yourself A Pretty Hard Time

There’s a boundary where being a perfectionist becomes being you’re toughest critic. Know the difference. A perfectionist is able to know when their work is complete. When you’re dealing with anxiety, it ain’t so easy. You might feel like you’re never good enough and this really affects your self-esteem.

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How Can I Pat Myself On The Back When I Feel I Don’t Deserve It?

You do deserve it. You deserve to feel good and you need to be able to see that. The best thing to do in this scenario is learn to love yourself. It can be difficult to take the negative filter off your mind, but you can do it. There are a couple of ways to help you get on track to loving yourself: read affirmations in the mirror, speak with a loved one and try the 7 Day Happiness Challenge.

You Only Listen To The Negative

Do you often feel that you can take criticism a bit too hard? Maybe a rude passerbyer made a crude remark and you spend the rest of the day thinking about it. Although criticism can be good, helping us grow and causing us to think of ourselves objectively, we can take it too seriously.

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How Do I Stop Taking Negative Comments So Personally?

There are always going to be comments which trigger your insecurities, but what you can do is learn to stop taking criticism so hard. There are two ways to ease this kind of anxiety: the first is to start listening to the good things! If someone likes your tie or finds your sense of humour hilarious, take the compliment. The second I mentioned about, and it is to learn to love yourself!

You Can’t Live In The Moment Anymore

When you suffer from anxiety it can seem like you can’t just let it go. Anxiety can make the biggest extrovert into a paranoid mess. If you start avoiding social gatherings in the fear of saying something stupid, being a burden or that something bad may happen it’s a really significant sign that you’re suffering from social anxiety.

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How Can I Just Let Go?

Rather than suppressing the negative thoughts, face them. Analyze why you feel so self-conscious, question why you feel so paranoid? A lot of this paranoia can come from feeling shameful about having anxiety. Talk to someone. Anxiety effects most people at some point, the chances are a close friend or relative has been through the same stuff. Talking about your worries will do a lot more for you than you think.

You Feel Tense Most Of The Time

Do you feel like your muscles are often tensed? This is your body telling you that you’re stressed. Plenty of things can cause this kind of tension in our bodies, from nerves before a presentation or worrying about bills. It’s normal to become tense when you worry, but the problem with anxiety is that all you seem to do is worry.

How Can I Relax?

Meditation is the key. Dedicating time to focus on your breathing, your body and clear your mind is the perfect remedy to relief tension in your body. If you can’t find time to meditate try doing it at least three times a week. Meditation has been scientifically proven to help you relax, become a happier person and help you get more good from life!

I do hope this guide helps you! It’s important that once you identify that you may suffer from anxiety to begin fixing the problem. Keep in mind that you don’t have to feel this way and you deserve to be a confident, happy person!