Top 10 Relaxing Music Playlist – Best Relaxation Songs

Top 10 Relaxing Music Playlist – Best Relaxation Songs

When I think of how to relax, of course I immediately think about calming music and relaxation songs, so I decided to make a list of the best relaxing music ever, well maybe not ever, but the most relaxing music for me. I think that this playlist could be helpful if you’re living a stressful time or if you have some sleep disorders, so falling asleep can be hard sometimes.

1)    Celtic Spa – Serenity Spa Music Relaxation (in the album “Serenity, Spa Music 101”)

I love this relaxation music, it sooths my heart and my mind, and the album at the top the itunes new age music chart. There’s a reason why it works!

2)    May it be – Enya

Healing voice and calming music, the soundtrack of a fantastic world like the Middle Earth of the Lord of the Rings, and Enya, well… just the name is peaceful.

3)    Spa (Duduk Meditation Spa Music) – Spa Music (in the album “Spa Music”)

You think about spa and spa massage, and the rest comes itself… This particular music is played with an ancient armenian flute called Duduk. You can listen to a short preview HERE

4)    December – George Winston

Piano Music and winter. This is December… and after the music, just the white silence of the snow. → view video

5)    Serenity – Serenity Spa Music Relaxation (in the album “Serenity, Spa Music 101”)

I know, this album again… What can I say? I love it! This song has a hypnotic rythm that put me to sleep, like I’m falling in trance. Then I wake up and I feel refresh and regenerated. It also contains nature sounds.

6)    Caverna Magica – Andreas Vollenweider

Sounds, nature and finally music, all combined to create the perfect magic of relaxation. Caverna Magica is transcendental, a combination between mystic and reality. → view video

7)   Armenian Duduk and relaxing Ocean Waves – Spa Music (in the album “Spa Music”)

Again this strange instrument… if you didn’t understand I love ancient and enigmatic sounds… I suggest you to listen to this relaxing spa music with headphones and possibly lying in bed.

8)    Piano Ecstasy – Relaxation Piano (in the album “Relaxation Piano: 101 Piano Shades”)

Relaxing and Romantic Music played by Piano. I did’t know what song to choose because each one of these calming solo piano music is perfect for my relaxing music playlist, Let’s say that this is the best relaxing music of the album.

9)    Cristofori’s Dream – David Lanz

A six minutes song of the pianist and composer David Lanz. I used to play the piano when I was a child, then I started to sing and stop playing it. But I still love listening to this instrumental music. It’s like a lullaby, full of promises and feelings… a dream. → video

10) Bamboo Flute Wellness – Asian Zen Spa Music Meditation (from the album “Zen Spa”)

Bird sounds and asian music can’t miss on my relaxing music playlist and after you have listened to this, it will be also on yours!


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