Top 4 Sexy Song Videos: Best Free Music Playlist of Music to Make Love to and Sexy Songs

Top 4 Sexy Song Videos: Best Free Music Playlist of Music to Make Love to and Sexy Songs

Are you looking for the perfect free music playlist you can listen to while making love? Here are some great sexy song videos and sexy songs you can use.

Making love with music can be a wonderful experience. That is, if you choose the right soundtrack. The wrong music can mix up your tempo, and in extreme cases it can even cause embarrassment and make you look like a fool. Choosing the right music to make love to can be crucial; read this article, listen to what we suggest and see if you like. Try out what you like most with your significant other, and let me know which one worked best:

1 – Sexy Massage Music

Starting off, we recommend to begin with some slow sensual music to give your partner a hot massage. You can heat up the atmosphere by taking things slow with this sensual music. Make sure to light up some candles and use scented oils!

2 – Barry White

When you think music to make love to, you think Barry White. His deep and sweet voice is sure to work wonder in the bedroom. His love serenades are famous all across the world; if you have never heard of them you should definitely look him up.

3 – Sexy Lounge Music

Not everyone appreciates sung songs while making love, as they can be distracting. If you wish for a more sober kind of atmosphere, try this compilation of hot lounge music.

4 – Air on the G String

A fun name for a sexy album. Try listening to it on iTunes: these sexy songs include orgasm sounds and are sure to be a hit in bed! AIR ON G STRING


We hope you enjoyed our suggestion and sexy music videos from our channels. Have fun while listening to them and experimenting with your partner!

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