Top 5 Best 2014 April Fool Pranks: Best April 1st Pranks This Year

Top 5 Best 2014 April Fool Pranks: Best April 1st Pranks This Year

Here is a list of the best April First 2014 pranks that were pulled this year. Pranking on April Fools has now become a worldwide tradition, but these people bring it to a whole new level.

The internet is the best place to pull April 1st pranks. You reach a lot of people, and if you have a good reputation you can achieve a large audience; thus someone is bound to believe it! The best pranks from April Fools 2014 for us are as follows:

Google Maps Pokemon Pranking

Almost not a prank, to many this counted as a present. Google uploaded a video ( to its official youtube page announcing that Google Maps was getting an update. Users could catch pokemon when traveling, and according to the video whoever catches all 150 pokemon can compete to become a Google Pokemon Master and work for the Google Team.

Penguins Laying Golden Eggs and Chickens Laying Square Ones

Animals laying strange eggs have certainly been a hit within the April fools 2014 pranks. Experts were baffled by chicken laying square eggs and by penguins producing a mysterious golden egg at a zoo in Devon.

Scottish Independence April Fools Jokes

The Times announced that a German Duke was going to come and rule over Scotland, and The Daily Mail said that the UK flag was going to get a makeover according to some confidential papers carried by a Government adviser in Downing Street. According to April Fools News, the whole UK is getting a makeover.

Ban on Selfies

Metro included a feature commenting on the fact that the government was trying to ban selfies. The proposal was rumored to come into force by the end of next year.

North Korea Bans One Direction

According to The Mirror, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un wants to challenge One Direction’s worldwide dominance of the music industry. He has banned the pop group from entering the country unless they “take a trip to the barbers” and opt for the same hairstyle the dictator is using.

We hope you enjoyed this years list of April First 2014 pranks. Here is some smooth and inspiring music you can listen to while plotting next year’s ones!