Top 5 Moments of Meditation Relax Club from 2014

Top 5 Moments of Meditation Relax Club from 2014

2014 has ended; now is the time to review the best moments we went through the last 12 months!

We picked five top moments we lived on our blog, youtube channel, Facebook page and much more. Here we go!


Best Video – Exam Study Concentration Music

Among all the meditation videos we uploaded on our youtube channel this year, the one that got the most views was actually a study music playlist! People need music to concentrate due to the hectic noise that everyday life produces, especially when they need to study. Keep on following us, as we are going to put out more study music videos out for you in the future!

Best Quote – Live Your Life…

Our Facebook page has gained many friends this year. The post that you liked the most was a very touching and wise quote: “Live your life and forget your age”. For more of these beautiful quotes and to keep updated with our youtube channel, like us on facebook.


Best App – Chakra Meditation Balancing

The app we helped create, Chakra Meditation Balancing, has been downloaded over 15 thousand times in just a few months. We are extremely proud of the fact that so many people all around the world can enjoy the chakra balancing songs that we composed.

Best Article – The Art of Meditation

The article that got the most likes this year was published just a couple of weeks ago. The “Art of Meditation” article explains what is art therapy, and how focusing your attention on coloring produces effects similar to mindful meditation.

Best Meditation Music – Total Relax Music

The album from Meditation Relax Club you guys liked the most this year was Total Relax Music, an amazing compilation of soft chillout songs that are sure to relax you!


2014 has been a long and eventful year, and now that it is over we enjoyed looking back to all the experiences and content we produced for you.