Top 5 Sleep Music Songs

Top 5 Sleep Music Songs

Daily life can be stressful, and some people need an extra help in order to sleep well.

Below you will find our personal recommendation on the best sleep music around. Some people have used music to sleep as an effective method to counter insomnia.

Experts believe that soothing rhythms actually lower your heart rate and induce somnolence. Certain sounds also stimulate the latter natural body reaction and help you find a good night’s sleep. The following are the most effective pieces we encountered online. Here we go!

Number 5

A long and simple tune with river sounds in the background makes the perfect sleep music at Number 5.

Do not leave and keep on reading as we have just started listing the best tunes out there! → WATCH THE VIDEO

Number 4

If you love the sea then you are going to love this one! Soft waves crushing on a shore and dolphins underwater. What else could you wish for?

Number 3

Did you like the last one, or are you more into the classics? Well then this famous classical music compilation of piano songs is what you need. (click on link to open iTunes)

Number 2

Still not asleep by now? Time to get out the big guns: you might remember these sweet lullabies from your childhood. If you don’t, you brain probably does and you are going to be catching a good night o’ sleep in no time. → HAVE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO

Number 1

Delta Waves are brain waves that aid in characterizing the depth of sleep. By mimicking you can improve your sleeping pattern. Delta Waves at Number 1!

We hope you enjoyed the music and found some help on how to sleep well.