Unhealthy Diet Tips: The 6 Diets You Should Never Try

Unhealthy Diet Tips: The 6 Diets You Should Never Try

An unhealthy diet can be devastating for your body. Here is a list of bad diet plans that you should never follow if you want to loose weight in a healthy way!

Losing weight is no easy task, and losing weight in a healthy and natural way is even more difficult. People are willing to do scary things in order to lose just a couple of kilograms. Unhealthy dieting tips are spread through the internet, and people carry them out unaware of the dangers of undergoing such a poor lifestyle.

We compiled a list of bad dieting tips that have become popular during the latest years. We will explain why they are unhealthy for you below.

Sleeping Beauty Diet

When you sleep you do not eat. This diet brings that principle to its extreme, encouraging people to take high quantities of sedatives to fall asleep and avoid eating or feeling hungry. You can stay asleep for days, and this weakens your muscles and starves your body.

Cotton Ball Diet

The cotton ball diet was probably born on the internet, and through the internet it has spread. It is an incredibly dangerous way of suppressing your appetite by ingesting cotton balls filled with juice.

By following the cotton ball diet you can end up obstructing your stomach with substances that are not meant to be eaten.

Baby Diet

This diet allows you to eat only baby food. You can eat about 14 small jars a day, which contain between 20 and 100 calories each.

This diet may help you diminish your food intake, but carrying around baby food looks ridiculous.

Cookie Diet

The cookie diet sounds fun, but it certainly is not healthy. If you ever decide to follow it, you must only eat cookies all through the day and have a normal dinner. Even if you do follow it, by eating only proteins and fibers during the daytime in the evening your body will be famished and you will tend to overeat.

Lemonade Diet

This bad diet has been used for years in many variants. By following it you will only drink lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for days.

Even though during the days you follow these dieting tips you may experience weight loss, you will gain it all back on when you start eating solid foods again. Other than that, you may experience nausea, weakness and dizziness.

Tapeworm Diet

This may be the strangest of all, but what’s really amazing is that it is a method that has been going around for decades. This is how the tapeworm diet works: ingest tapeworm/taenia eggs and wait for the parasites to grow in your body. Let the tapeworm consume for you the food that you eat, and when it gets too big just ask your doctor to prescribe medicine to get rid of it.

There are many people that are willing to undergo this strange and unhealthy diet, but beware: tapeworm eggs can migrate to other parts of your body and are potentially lethal. Other side effects include nausea, bloating, constipation, headache, abdominal pain and weakness.

Were you amazed by this list of bad dieting tips? When searching for information for this article, so was I. If you really want to lose weight, remember to make healthy food choices and to eat in moderate quantities.

Diets that promise to make you lose a lot of weight in little time are very likely to be bad for you, so contact a nutritionist to make sure you are not putting yourself in danger by following one!