Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

From symbolical pictures to parfumes and aromas, but also natural stones and why not, design, have you ever entered a home and perceived immediately that it was filled with positivity and healing energies? Some of our living spaces are simply more happy and relaxed because of what they are decorated with. Here are some of the ways in which you can bring those good vibes into your own house, making it both pleasing to the eye and the spirit.

Hang a Hand of Fatima

The Hamsa, also called Hand of Fatima, is a lucky charm in many religions. People from different cultures use it as a remedy against misfortune and negativity. Hang it in front of your front door, or in your living room; it can’t hurt!

hand of fatima

Decorate with Pyrite

Pyrite healing properties include a defensive shield against energies, physical and emotional attacks. This mineral is beautiful, and you can use it both to guard your home and to decorate it. Use it as a paperweight, or neatly place it on a bookshelf.


Since ancient times, white sage was used to purify rooms and to bring positive energy closer. You can burn this herb in your living space to invite protection and cleanse everything. As an alternative, you can use sage essential oil in your house – it will smell great and make you feel safe and relaxed.

Lucky Bamboo

You may have seen this peculiar plant that grows in water. In a feng shui home, you can’t you without a small sprout of lucky bamboo; this plant attracts auspicious chi and good vibes.

feng shui bamboo

Incense Sticks

Burning incense sticks will relieve you from stress and anxiety. It is said to promote calm and peace and, best of all, it smells great! I just love the fresh perfume of incense that has just finished burning in front of an open window, as it makes me feel clean and relaxed.

I hope you got some ideas on how to decorate your home by reading this list of tips I put together. Let the positive energy in, and leave all negativity and bad thoughts outside! Your house should be a place where you can feel safe and happy, so try out what makes you most comfortable.