Weird Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

Weird Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

We’ve all heard it: to live a long and healthy lifestyle you need to eat well, exercise and sleep enough. But what about the little things? Here are 7 weird habits that will help you live longer!

Sometimes, staying in good health needs more than meets the eye. It can be fun, and a little surprising. You might have already picked up some of these weird habits during your life: they may seem strange, but there is a reason as to why they are good for you!

Clean Your House

Cleaning your house very often has been linked with living longer. When carrying out vigorous activities, such as painting or sweeping, you are actually exercising!

Go Barefoot

While in your house, take off your shoes. By doing this you can avoid the absorption of toxins that live in soles. However, do not just ditch shoes altogether: remember to wear them while walking down the street!

Skip Showers

Being completely clean is not always the best option. By bathing and showering we strip ourselves of the natural oils and good bacteria that live on our skin. Too much water can get your skin too dry and expose you to sickness.


Having a good laugh burns calories, lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow. People who laugh spontaneously are happier and live longer!

Work Hard

If you work hard, you will reap the benefits later: being productive can help increase your longevity! Just do not overexert yourself…

Spice It Up

By eating spicy foods you will live longer. Not only do they add flavor, but they also contain inflammatories that help fight off viruses and bacteria.

Have a Drink

Very good news for those who like to have a drink at the end of the day: a moderate consumption of alcohol is counted among the healthy practices that lead you to living longer.

I hope these weird habits are already part of your routine! If not, may you find a way to integrate them in your healthy lifestyles.