Welcoming Fall: The Best Seasonal Fruit Diet

Welcoming Fall: The Best Seasonal Fruit Diet

My most favorite season of the year when it comes to fresh produce has arrived! Lets all have a look together at the best fruit you could eat right around this period.

Many people go crazy for summer produce, from strawberries to cherries. But for me, the true feast starts when the weather starts getting colder and the first rains of fall start pouring down. Because the sweetest seasonal fruits have survived and thrived during the tepid sun of a temperate season, and are the most rich in flavor and crispy as well! Here are some of my favorite autumn fruits to include into a healthy diet.

Japanese Persimmon

Only good for a few weeks per year, these delicious fruits can be difficult to find depending on where you live. They need to be readily picked and eat, as they risk going bad quickly. Kakis, or Japanese Persimmons, have a high nutritional value and contain a lot of beta-carotene.


Figs were said to be the ancient Roman’s bread: they ripen in the late summer and fall, and are good sources of dietary fibers and minerals.

Apples & Pears

We tend to eat these all year around, but many of us forget that apples and pears usually only mature during fall. Going at your local farmer’s market you can find the best ones during this period: integrate them as a snack in a healthy diet!


Good when eaten dried, excellent when fresh and recently harvested. Red cranberries have a good level of vitamin C, but for some they can be a bit too tart. Try adding them to other fruits’ juice, or add it to yoghurt to fully benefit from the nutritional value of this autumn fruit.


Another wonderful red fruit, that can however be a bit of a hassle to prepare. Pomegranates are filled with antioxidants, which help blood circulation and fight cardiovascular diseases.


Rich in vital antioxidants, and vitamins is the symbol of Autumn and most important, it is one of the very low calorie vegetables. In fact you can prepare different recipes from salt dishes, like risotto or soups, to cookies and cakes. Not to forget, pumpkins create also the face of Halloween, which opens on an evil smile or on a terrifying grin.

Enjoy this season, and enjoy the fruit and fresh produce that it brings with it!