Wellness Holidays

Wellness Holidays

The wellness area is growing, and the travel industry is positively influenced. In fact, much more people choose to spend their holidays to wellness and relaxation. Wellness centers, beauty farms and spa resorts are the most popular. The reason to choose this type of destinations is twofold: pure relaxation with attention to bodycare or the therapeutic purpose. Some structures are more specialized than others to better satisfy a request rather than another, but most of the centers are now equipped with all types of treatment. The increasing demand of this type of holiday could be due to modern life stress which commits ever more our mind and thus the body. Moreover the growing competition may also have a positive effect on the reduction of prices, making them more accessible to people of all classes. That’s why wellness sector is growing, because it is directed to those who try to regenerate after a tiring daily routine. A few minutes in the sauna or in a swimming pool, a massage session and some good background relaxing music, all repeated for few days can regenerate more than we might expect.


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