What is Energy Healing: A Guide to Bodies of Energy

What is Energy Healing: A Guide to Bodies of Energy

What is Energy Healing: A Guide to Bodies of Energy

Everyone had 4 different bodies of energy. Find out what they are and how to keep them in balance by reading this article!

Energy healing. It’s all about about restoring your natural flow. It’s about establishing a balance between these four bodies of energy found within you:

Physical Body

As simple as it seems to be. Your physical body is tangible and can be touched. It’s our hair, our skin, our bones. We know if it is feeling fine because it gives us signs. Our nose leaks, our tummy aches, and our muscles get sore. To keep your physical body fit, you can practice yoga or get a massage.

Emotional Body

Some people believe that this body extends around your physical body. It is the bridge that connects your mind to your body, and requires constant gratification, peace and care in order to stay healthy. When it is balanced, you are more generous and honest. Try practicing acts of forgiveness or touch therapy in order to keep it fit.

Mental Body

Our thoughts and our attitude. The mental body is how you believe the world around you to be. If you feel like this part of you is unbalanced, you can fix it by getting in touch with a healer or a person you perceive as a guide with great knowledge.

Spiritual Body

Our spiritual body is the invisible connection that makes us one with the rest of existence. We are ourselves, but we are also part of something bigger. If the spiritual body is unbalanced, it may lessen our link with the rest of the universe. To bring equilibrium, you can practice mindfulness or chakra balancing meditation.

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