What’s the Best Sex Music? Create your own Sex Music Playlist

What’s the Best Sex Music? Create your own Sex Music Playlist

I think there is not just one best sex music, and everyone has his own sex music playlist with his making love music and, just admit it, sexy porn music.

It was first said by William Shakespeare “If music be the food of love, play on”, and it is true because music does provide nourishment to the soul. Music builds an environment for sex, it produces an ideal art and through music every emotion is conveying. There are even such circumstances where only music can express your thoughts and feelings. Songs take us to different times of the past or even recreate the situation.

Talking about sex which is an essential part in our lives and music go together with it. For creating an aura for love-making, music as compared to visuals has a greater effect on our mind. Sexy music allows our creativity to take control and forms the greatest fantasy. Erotic music or sex music nourishes the situation and increases the passion in the scene. This kind of music does not contain a high point or part that is most important which we might have seen in a normal song that has chorus, verse, intro, bridge and ending.

Sex Music: Sex and Music

Sex music act as if it is music in movies that brings impulse and effectiveness, it is like an accessory that turns you on. Sex music lightly excites you during your love session or love making. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between sex and music. Music plays an important part in every sexual activity. There are some songs and music that paves the way from dance floor to the bedroom. Music makes us feel in a more realistic way, it makes us nostalgic and at the same time romantic.

Different Sex Music Playlists for Different Situations

Different types of music are suitable for different situations, and it is also true that it has different impact on sexual behavior of people of different ages. Music can clam people’s senses or can fire them up. Hard Rock, Rap-Rock, Alternative Rock, Rap, R & B, Rap-Metal, Country and Teen Pop are some different genres of music that you can put inside your sex music playlist, that have sexual theme which ranges from playful to raunchy and sometimes degrading lyrics but good for erotic sex.

Erotic songs must be played as an accessory to turn on. This is very different from erotic photos or movies that are primary focus of attraction. Whenever the music fulfills the aim of seduction we can say that it is a sensual one in other words it is sex music. Music that you would need for making love or for a hot date is not the music that you generally use on the dance floor but just to listen.

The best sex music is those which embody elements of electronic music with beats that have sensual cadence which are provoking yet soothing. Different styles of music transport the listener to various places, fantasies, culture and levels of passions. However, alluring instruments and erotic sounds that have asymmetric rhythms, loops, sound effects, moans and sexy voices turns on your mind for a different sexual adventure and it is very essential for creating a stimulating atmosphere before sex.

Which songs have you chosen for your sex music playlist? pop? heavy metal? jazz? this is lounge music, sexy and mystic… just instrumental music, the words will be your body movements… –> WATCH VIDEO