Why Meditate? Here Are The Reasons

Why Meditate? Here Are The Reasons

What are the benefits of meditation, and why does one meditate? Here are some science-based reasons that will answer these questions.

Meditation was once considered a hippy-like, esoteric activity. Thankfully, it is no more, as recent research has proven the benefits of carrying out meditation each day. Scientists have shown that it works wonders both for physical and emotional illnesses. Here are only some of the positive effects of meditation.

It Helps You Stay Focused
Research has proven that meditation increases memory and attention span. This is because it increases your cortical thickness, meaning the areas of your brain that are related to both introspection and attention.
It Also Increases Your Grey Matter, which influences your memory and thought capabilities. The benefits of meditation on your brain do not stop here however, as it has been shown to increase brain volume in areas that regulate emotions and self control!

It Boosts Your Social Life

Though it was lonesome practice? Well, it is not! Meditation has been proven to boost your social life and your connections. It’s hot, and many famous people have started meditating; from Oprah to US Marines. It’s also great if you need help improving self confidence.

It Increases Your Happiness and Health

It’s not only good for the inside, but also for the outside. Meditation has been proven to boost your immune function and help decrease pain or inflammation.

It Beats Depression!

As you keep on doing it, bad feelings will disappear. If you stay focused on meditation each day you will decrease depression, anxiety and stress symptoms.

So, why meditate? Were these reasons enough for you? Hopefully, this list of positive effects of meditation has convinced you to take on this amazing practice. Here is some music from the Meditation Relax Club youtube channel if you are a beginner and want to start meditating.




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