Yoga Without Clothes – Sanskrit Nagna Yoga

Yoga Without Clothes – Sanskrit Nagna Yoga

Naked yoga (or sanskrit nagna yoga), as the name implies, is the practice of yoga without clothes. While some may think of it as a strange form of yoga, there are reasons to try it out.

There are many yoga types out there, but one of the ones that mostly strike the interest of people is certainly nude yoga. There are many misconceptions made upon this practice, as some may struggle to understand what lies beyond the act of being naked while exercising. Lets begin by explaining that even though yoga without clothes became popular just recently, it origins go way back.

Sanskrit Nagna Yoga was originally born in an Indian sect that made nudity a part of their spiritual practice. Members would practice yoga without clothes to identify with their physical bodies, and to break the connection with anything sexual and material.

When practicing yoga while naked at home, remember that it is not a sexual experience in any way, and that at the very most it can be sensual. Nude yoga instructors say that having erections is not uncommon, and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Some of the classes that are held are co-ed, while others are male or female only. If you are more comfortable while being in a class with your own sex, you can choose to do so while practicing this discipline.

Finally, if you wish to try this discipline but there are no places to do so close to you, or you just feel to uncomfortable, just try it out by yourself while naked at home. The yoga postures are similar to the ones you would adopt in any basic yoga class.

Here is some relaxing background music in case you ever decide to try out this unique type of yoga.



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