10 Activities To Get Relaxed And Relieve Stress

10 Activities To Get Relaxed And Relieve Stress

10 Activities To Get Relaxed And Relieve Stress

Stress management begins by taking some time out of your day to relax and unwind. It is vital for your health that you practice some relaxation techniques frequently as your body does not respond well to high stress levels without a break or relief of some kind. Whilst watching your favorite tv show in the evening might be one way you choose to switch off after a long day, here are some healthier alternatives that will not only get you relaxed but will do you some good also.

1. Drink Green Tea – Sip on some green tea throughout the day, it is a source of L-Theanine which is a chemical that has been found to relieve stress and act as a relaxant.

2. Walk – Going for a walk is the perfect activity if you want to get relaxed. Take a 20 minute stroll around your nearest park and get lost in the moment.

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3. Paint Or Draw A Picture – Get creative, you don’t have to be amazing at art just sit and let your hands take over as you create your work of art. An excellent activity for mindfulness and relaxation in general.

4. Have A Clear Out – Get rid of unwanted clutter, it clutters your mind and takes up physical and mental space. Spend some time getting rid of things you don’t use anymore and donate them to charity. Double the reward!

5. Yoga – One of the best ways to relax, yoga is notorious for its health benefits and relaxation qualities. Go to to a class or practice it at home, there are tonnes of Youtube videos and online tutorials to help get you started.

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6. Take A Bath – Pamper yourself with a long soak in the tub followed by some pampering treatments such as a face mask and manicure. Add some essential oils to your bath for an even more relaxing experience.

7. Do Some Housework – Doesn’t sound fun, but cleaning can be very therapeutic. Cleaning takes your mind off things and also gives you a sense of achievement after you have completed the task. Some other stress management house tasks you could try include gardening, cooking, knitting or some DIY.

8. Have A Massage – This one might work better if you have someone to help you! If not, you can still massage areas of your body yourself. Get some oil and work it into your skin in soothing circular motions towards the heart and work out some of the tension and knots in your muscles.

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9. Write – Writing is a very soothing activity. If you are not a good writer, write about what you know the most about – yourself! Jot down your day and how you feel about the things that happened, this acts as a form of therapy and will also help you sleep better at night.

10. Get A Pet – Having a pet has been found to relieve and lower stress so if you’re lucky enough to have one spend time with them and give them lots of cuddles. There’s a reason why dogs are said to be man’s best friend.

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We hope you find these relaxation techniques useful. Remember that one of the best ways to relax is to laugh often and not take life too seriously, so whatever is stressing you out just let it go and remind yourself there is more to life!