10 Meditation Myths, Busted!

10 Meditation Myths, Busted!

10 Meditation Myths, Busted!

With almost eight billion active minds at all times, there are endless streams of thoughts about every aspect of the world. Some thoughts are real, some are imaginary and others are simple mistakes. While there are myths about various subjects, one of the most popular is about meditation. Say the word “Meditation” and all sorts of images and notions come to mind: “Is this for me?”, “I cannot sit in silence for long!” or “Am I a Hippie?”. Who, after all, wants to meditate?

We have all seen the research that proves practicing meditation is good for improving both our mental well-being and our physical health. People of all ages, from school children to seniors, can benefit from daily mindfulness. So, why just believe myths instead of starting to practice meditation? What does really happen at a meditation retreat?

We would like to help you with this list of busted meditation myths!

Meditation myth #1: Everyone sits on straw mats

First rule in meditation is to be comfortable, so whether comfort to you is on a chair, a cushion, a mat, or the floor… it really doesn’t matter. It’s all up to you. As long as you are keeping your spine straight, you can sit any way you like!

Meditation myth #2: One way to meditate

There are many types of meditation that require movement, such as walking, eating, and drawing meditation. There are a lot of ways to meditate: try different types of meditation so that you can find the best one for your mind.

Meditation myth #3: Close your eyes

There are plenty of meditations that need visual attention on a certain object with eyes open. So, if you want, open your chakras and your eyes too!


Meditation myth #4: Special clothes: you must wear Yoga suite!

Unless you want, you don’t have to wear special yoga clothes! As long as what you are wearing is comfortable, you are good to go!

Meditation myth #5: Meditation takes too much time off your free time

Doesn’t matter how long you practice meditation, you have to be focused on it! An all-too-common myth is that meditation needs a lot of time and effort. A successful meditation can be short: even if you only have ten minutes per day, you can meditate! All you need is a few minutes and the determination to turn it into a daily routine.

Meditation myth #6:  Turn off all the noise

You will find out that focusing on sound is one of the easiest ways to “sneak” meditation into your life. You could never find a way to turn off all the noise around you. If you need a hand, you can try and focus on your meditation with your favorite kind of music: The Smashing Pumpkins’ latest song helps me a lot!

Meditation myth #7: Meditation is boooooooooring

Meditation is meant to be an experience to add to your life, not to take anything away. While you practice, you can start to take healthy choices and changes… Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to do everything you want… But, from now on, better.

Meditation myth #8: You must chant

Chanting or singing is not a must! If you want to express your voice… you are welcome to. Sounds are all in your mind, words too.


Meditation myth #9: You must be vegan

At a Yoga Center you will not find a “No meat eaters allowed” sign: you have to make your diet strive for fresh, healthy, and delicious food. A vegan diet is too strict for many lifestyles. Balanced, clean, colorful, and delicious is the way to go no matter what kind of diet you follow.

Meditation myth #10: Meditation is too hard

Don’t worry about the results, because they change over time anyway. Meditating is not difficult. You have to get yourself there: leave the injury out, don’t take care of the crunches of the body and take a step back from some thoughts. And, above all, just tryMeditating is not difficult and, even if it were, it would still be worth it.


Meditation is one of the easiest things you can do because it’s infallible.