13 Ways to Have a Good Morning

13 Ways to Have a Good Morning

13 Ways to Have a Good Morning

Finding ways to start the day well is one of the most important parts of making every day a good day. Adjusting your routine to beneficial habits and behaviors can help balance emotions, assist you in overcoming fears and prevent you from being affected by a lack of energy and motivation you need.

Every day is a good day to wake up ready to conquer the world. Or, you know, just to make it a better day than yesterday. As bad as your days are, believe me: making them better is possible! This requires a few small changes. In case you need inspiration, here are 13 super simple things you can do to have a good morning.

1 – Control the Time You Wake Up

Set the alarm to ring just a little earlier than usual to give you extra time that you can enjoy. By avoiding getting up late you will be able to do all your morning tasks more smoothly, relieving the strain of the runner needed to keep up late for work or study. Such a “surplus” period in your routine will still give you the chance to pay attention to the small details that are fundamental to have a good morning, such as listening to your favorite song in the morning and getting up more calmly.

2 – Morning Bath

Not everyone remembers this habit in the morning, but apart from a way to cleanse yourself on very hot nights, for example, it can be an excellent ally in relaxing your whole body and a way of slowly waking it up. Letting hot water run through the body for one minute helps to relax the muscles. More importantly, it will help relax your mind and will give you time to think and plan your day.

3 – Reading

An inspiring morning reading session, such as a simple motivational quote, can help you achieve the focus and motivation you need for the rest of the day.

4 – Hugs

A good morning hug is more than a way of expressing our affection. Embracing helps to release a hormonal load of well-being that gives us much more energy to start activities.

5 – Breakfast

Starting the day well fed is a fundamental part of a productive day. Through it are provided all the necessary nutrients to the body to have the more energy to face all daily activities and to have a good morning.

6 – Exercises

A small routine of light to moderate exercise in the morning may bring more benefits than you think. Jogging is critical to awaken your metabolism so that the body produces more energy throughout the day. No exaggeration, some stretching, a short walk, or even a short series of yoga poses are all great.

7 – Meditating

Even a simple 10 minute meditation exercise can have a significant impact on your day. For those looking to immerse themselves in mindfulness but feel a little scared by the prospect, some relaxing tracks are a great option.

8 – Write a Diary

Take some time to pour thoughts into your diary. This can be an emotionally cathartic process. Alternatively, try to create a to-do list, either for the day itself or for the next. Not only will you feel more organized and ready to face the day, but you will be much more productive after marking each item on the list as “done”.

9 – Praise Someone

Better yet, compliment everyone you see for every little thing! Smile at a stranger. Hold the door for the person coming behind you. Say hello – who knows what good may come from just a simple hello? That way, even with small and random acts of kindness, you can be completely and deliciously sure that you tried your best today.

10 – Get Out of Your Head

You can have a good morning by walking down the street and through nature: if you have plenty of time, get out. Reconnect with your roots. Embark on a new track you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

11 – Do Something that You Will be Grateful For In the Future

No matter how small the act: do something today that your future self will be thankful for. Put yourself first: use your body as a barometer, fall in love with yourself before you look for your other half, integrate physical activity into your everyday life, invest and connect with people and schedule your priorities first. You will thank yourself!

12 – Reformulate Your Perspective

Again, not all working schedules allow this. But if yours is the most flexible type, you should take advantage of it! Try to work in the morning rather than at night. Get up a little earlier than usual to visit a new coffee shop that you have been wanting to visit for years. Making small adjustments to your daily schedule can really make a huge difference when it comes to getting out of your routine, or even just putting a big fat cherry on top of an already wonderful day.

13 – Plan a Date with a Friend

Extra points if it’s someone you haven’t seen in a while. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to set a ride on your busy schedule, take time to talk to them on the phone. Planning for this conversation (or this meeting) to take place will give your brain the lovely little wave of pleasure that comes when we are looking forward to something good.

With these 13 tips, you can invest in the most important part of your day. After all, a good day starts with a good morning. Ready to rise and shine? Follow these ways to have a good morning!